No matter what gardening stage you’re going through, we have the soil you’re looking for. Our soil is sold in half yard increments to provide the right amount for any size project. If you underestimate how much product you need, but you want to get the job done DON’T WORRY! We’ll happily deliver our products so that you don’t have to waste anymore time.

Our compost blend is excellent for starting a healthy foundation for your garden. Made from recycled and broken down organic material, it’s commonly referred to as “black gold”. This will help kickoff any gardening project to ensure you have a rich base to start from.

Not quite sure what is keeping your plants from flourishing? Our Garden Blend of top soil, compost, and sand will take your garden to the next level. This special mix provides your plants with nutrition, moisture retention, and stability.

Finally, our top soil is a great way to add nutrients directly to your garden. Whether you’re adding it on top or replacing the existing soil, this is a great way to energize your plants.

Order online to receive delivery in Caldwell, Nampa, meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Boise, Middleton, or the surrounding areas.

Contact us with any questions, and use our online calculator to estimate how much product you’ll need for your landscaping project.

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